Wellness Collaborative

Everyone who comes to me has yet to discover what they are capable of achieving. It’s my job to bring that out and empower my clients.  

I excite the greatness that is in everyone and cultivate it to emerge.

My specialties are athletic development, movement analysis, Olympic lifting, kettle bell training and rehabilitation.  I pride myself on being able to take anyone with any issue or pre-existing condition to a higher level of proficiency in whatever they are trying to do.


Hors3power LLC is based in NW Portland, OR at 1411 NW Quimby St.  With access to 2 studios within the same building, we offer flexibility and exclusive training sessions. With 3 trainers who approach their craft in different ways, you will have a great chance to find a trainer to fit your needs.  Shoot us a detailed message via the form below.

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