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Our Story

The studio was born out of the chaos of the pandemic.  Owner Jake Mauermann has been a trainer in the Pearl for 6+ years now and has seen the area undergo a lot of change.  Life throws curve balls whether it be within ones physical health, career etc and this studio is Jake's version of a pivot.  With a high priority on exclusivity, safety and versatility Hors3power accomplishes all three.  

Hors3power is the premier private training studio in Portland, OR. For over 10 years, we have focused on creating challenging, personalized training programs. Our approach involves workouts that will push you to your limit while minimizing post-workout soreness, allowing us to train more frequently. We take great care in understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and pre-existing conditions. This gives us the ability to work towards your goals while working around your unique situation. We limit the number of clients who can use the two gym spaces at a time, giving you the motivating “gym to yourself” feel. Request your free consultation today and allow us to help you reach your goals while being treated with care, respect, and support!

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