Jake Mauermann is a fitness professional in NW Portland and is currently training out of Energy Fitness Concepts. He specializes in personal training people of all age ranges and abilities. He helps clients set and reach goals based on a combination of diet and exercise. Jake works with a wide variety of clientele ranging from young athletes to the elderly population and everything in between. If you have a goal that you'd like to reach, Jake is the guy to provide the accountability needed to get there. 


My ideal client is anyone willing to make the changes necessary to reach the goals they desire. I have a strong background in athletic development and enjoy working with athletes of all levels and ages. I have a passion for helping people be proactive about their health in order to prevent major injuries/issues. I meet people where they are and find out their “why,” then build a program specific to their desires and needs. I create an environment that is fun and challenging at the same time. I love the vastly different situations I’m in everyday. I might see a 12-year-old athlete and then a 90-year-old client trying to walk.


Areas of Focus

My specialties are athletic development, movement analysis, Olympic lifting, kettle bell training and rehabilitation. I pride myself on being able to take anyone with any issue or pre-existing condition to a higher level of proficiency in whatever they are trying to do.


Training Beliefs


Variety trumps all. Regardless of the goal, there are many ways to achieve it. I use whatever tool or modality style to bring people where they want to be. I have a very positive, upbeat personality, but I don’t beat around the bush. I’m very straightforward, which is necessary when making lifestyle changes. Training is a big commitment! It takes a lot of focus and dedication.


Beyond the Gym


I’m originally from Clackamas, Oregon, and currently live in Portland. I love playing golf. I spend a lot of time reading, both for personal and professional growth.  I love getting outside.